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Vertic aims to develop and consolidate relationships with entrepreneurs and managers of industrial and commercial companies over time, providing them with all the support both in operations of an extraordinary nature (including, when requested and or opportune, the activity of Chief Restructuring Officer ) that of improvement and or differentiation of competitive positioning.

In Vertic, some partners have gained important and long-standing managerial experiences in the Gaming and Betting business.

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Our mission is to support companies (and its managers) in creating value for themselves and for shareholders, in order to guarantee their permanence and competitiveness in the market. To this end, we also make ourselves available, if appropriate or required, to perform roles, including responsibilities, in the Board of Directors, and project management Committee (Steering Committee).

Companies thrive when they can create a real economic value for all the stakeholders. However the value must be managed and preserved over time.


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Our strategic consulting services are designed to support corporates' decisions and to back up property and management board in extra-ordinary operations.

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Financial advice aims to assist companies in the development of their financial planning needs.

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In Vertic, some partners have gained important and long-standing managerial experiences in the Appraisals industry. In this area Vertic will be able to support companies and management in many activities

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Vertic, a Management Consulting firm in Corporate Finance, with an entirely Italian capital, was created to support, with an innovative approach based on the long-term experience of its partners, the development of client companies.

+39 0516447701 info@vertic.biz


Headquarters : 40131 Bologna - Via Innocenzo Malvasia 4/3