Strategic Consulting

Support e Strengthening

Vertic provides a team of professionals with multiple and specialised business skills able to offer concrete support, with innovation and flexibility to companies and shareholders in terms of strategies, redefinition of their financial and shareholding structure and, choices to be made in the search of equity and debt financing.

Our strategic consulting services are designed to support corporates' decisions and to back up property and management board in extra-ordinary operations.

    A. merger & acquisition

  • Analysis of the reference market, key players and relative opportunities.
  • Identification and analysis of success factors in the reference market.
  • Analysis of and reporting on possible targets or potential buyers.
  • Analysis and Evaluation of the fiscal impact in M&A both sell side and by side transactions
  • Due Diligence.
  • Assistance in defining the strategic points of the agreement, including the acquisition structure and the drafting of the preliminary agreement (c.d. Letter of intent).
  • Target company value appraisal or establishing sale price.
  • Preliminary contact with the target company’s majority stakeholders or potential buyers and beginning of negotiations.
  • Co-ordination of the diligence and the team of professionals (financial / fiscal / legal) with possible assistance in the preparation of the related data room.
  • Assistance in defining strategic issues and drafting the preliminary agreement.
  • Management of the final status to the sign of the purchase or sale contract.

B. Management of Financial Crisis

The situations of financial crisis are widespread and frequent phenomena in industrial systems. The crisis represents an extraordinary phase of company life and occurs in the presence of an economic-financial imbalance that lasts over time and which entails difficulty in restoring ordinary corporate management.
The recent changes introduced in the Bankruptcy Law, and the new system of relationships that derive from them in the rescue and recovery of business continuity both with credit institutions and with the more traditional creditor class, have intensified in recent years the advisory operations both in "preventive actions" aimed at preventing entry into the procedure, as well as for events directly in the procedure:

  • or ex art. 67 LF.
  • or ex art. 182 bis LF.
  • or "Concordato”, in the various forms of law
  • or ex art. 182 ter LF (tax transaction).

  • The firm has intervened as an advisor in many situations alongside entrepreneurs, with the aim not only to recover financial balance, but to achieve a new financial structure.

    The firm is able to support the debtor both in the management of the financial restructuring process (as Financial Advisor or Chief Restructuring Officer - CRO), and with appropriate asseverations of reorganisation plans, restructuring agreements and agreements.

    The firm provides services as Agent of Banks in financial restructuring and pool financing agreements. The activities required of the Agent are numerous: from the initial verification of the conditions of effectiveness of the contracts, to the verification of periodic obligations, to the provision of banks in favor of active credit monitoring instruments.

    About us

    Who we are

    Vertic aims to develop and consolidate relationships with entrepreneurs and managers of industrial and commercial companies over time, providing them with all the support both in operations of an extraordinary nature (including, when requested and or opportune, the activity of Chief Restructuring Officer ) that of improvement and or differentiation of competitive positioning.

    In Vertic, some partners have gained important and long-standing managerial experiences in the Gaming and Betting business.

    Our Mission

    Our values

    Our mission is to support companies (and its managers) in creating value for themselves and for shareholders, in order to guarantee their permanence and competitiveness in the market. To this end, we also make ourselves available, if appropriate or required, to perform roles, including responsibilities, in the Board of Directors, and project management Committee (Steering Committee).

    Companies thrive when they can create a real economic value for all the stakeholders. However the value must be managed and preserved over time.